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Pavel Iakovlev

The Story of the Album Art

This is a short video story of the Album Art creation for my new single "Insomnia"

"Insomnia" is a song about fighting against your inner demons: worried thoughts and regrets. The night separating you from sanity and throwing you out of the blue and into the black again, while you are chasing the dreams but only catching the sleepless sounds of the city.

Press Mentions

Mentions in media:

Música Me Move - "Think of that sound that carries you away, that can make a connection with feelings that you did not experience for a long time; or that song that you think is familiar, even without ever listening to it!..."

Sonic Alien - "All The Songs For You, is a collection of unfeigned love songs, layered with throbs of intimacy and musical themes that desire to be expanded on; forming a pensive meditation on the transcendent possibilities of human connection..."

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